Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Pretty Copenhagen Crocheted Pillow (At Last!)

3.5 years to make one little cushion. This is what happens when you have a tempestuous mind (as I do) and additionally are well versed in the art of procrastination (which I am). Even sillier than this is the fact that I intended to make this a blanket at first, yet was unable to beat aforementioned brain into submission sufficiently long enough to allow such an extended feat of concentration to occur. And so, it becomes a pillow.
And the final score is...
Impassioned Brain:1
Fulfilled Desire for Lovely Flowers-In-The-Snow Blanket: 0

The Copenhagen Pillow is a lovely (free) pattern which Yvonne Eijkenduijn had previously written a version of on her lovely blog. (Yvonne is a beautiful name. It's my mother's name. :D)

The back of the cushion is composed of simple granny stripes. The crocheting legend, Lucy of Attic 24, has a wonderful tutorial on the granny stripe.
I gifted this cushion, an old friend by now, to a new friend - my new partner's mother. :)

I do hope to make one of these AS A BLANKET for myself one day. (My brain snickers in amusement.)

You can see more of my crochet projects on my Ravelry page.

I am planning to start resuscitating some of my former tutorials soon. So, you know, stay tuned! etc... :D 

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