Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Beginning ... Again

Well hello...again. I am starting a blog because I really miss blogging. I used to have my blog at kellyrachel.com and over time I had developed a modest following and built it into something rather nice. Then I stopped blogging. Some major changes have occurred in that time, and I stopped crafting for quite a long time. I have recently started crafting again - quite a lot, and the urge naturally follows for me to share what I'm doing and join in with other like-minded people.

I don't want to repeat the mistakes I made previously while blogging. The main mistake I made was investing too much time/effort/money into something which was essentially a hobby. I hope to balance my life more carefully from this point. I put too much pressure on myself to be blog regularly with content that was attention-getting. This time I hope to keep my original desire in mind - to share what I'm doing and connect with others who like the same things as me. That's it.

I do hope to reconstruct some of the tutorials which were featured on my previous blog. I also hope to be able to offer new tutorials now and then just because I love sharing what I've learned or showing other people how to do something which I thought was a nice idea. Mostly, however, I have an itch to indulge in showing you pretty pictures of my sewing and crochet projects!

I offer my gratitude to anyone who takes time from their busy life to read my blog. I hope to be able to meet some nice people on this new journey! Please talk to me, so we can get to know each other! See you around.

xoxo, Kelly


  1. Hi, I missed you !! Welcome again !!

  2. I've been searching for the Little Letter Needle Book tutorial since last Christmas! I hope you start blogging again and showing us your old projects.